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The tremendously growing rate of Bitcoin attracted the attention of even those network users to this cryptocurrency that they had not previously thought about making money on the Internet and using electronic money. But since the cost of a single virtual coin is almost $ 4,000, the idea of ​​somehow getting btc without investments seems very attractive. And due to the fact that there are a lot of tips and recommendations on how to earn bitcoins without investments, users from all over the world try to get cryptocurrency in one way or another.

But those who are looking for an answer to the question of how to earn a lot of bitcoins quickly without investments, you need to understand that this is impossible. If in 2010-2012 ordinary users could get electronic coins using their PC without buying additional equipment, then in 2016 and in 2017 mining can only be carried out on specialized high-powered hardware, such as video cards or video cards. Nevertheless, it is impossible to say for sure that getting a bitcoin without an investment at the moment is not realistic. There are ways to make cryptocurrency, but with their help you cannot get a lot of coins. Therefore, methods of how to earn Bitcoins for free can be considered as one of the sources for additional income, but not count on huge sums. Consider these methods, as well as get acquainted with the ways how to make money on previously purchased or mined bitcoins.

There are many ways in which theoretically it is possible to extract bitcoins in the network without investments, but most of them are either risky or not at all promising in terms of earnings. But there are methods that make it possible to acquire electronic money quite legally and without risks: perform various tasks and microtasks on specialized resources, sell something for bitcoins, not ordinary money, or become a user of so-called “bitcoin faucets.

Anyone can use one or several of these methods at once, since neither the execution of microwork nor the registration and use of bitcoin cranes require special knowledge and skills. And in order to start earning Bitcoins without investments through these methods, you just need to have your own bitcoin wallet. The purse number should be indicated when registering on portals that pay cryptocurrency.

At first glance, the very existence of sites where you can earn bitcoins without investments and for just entering a captcha seems pointless, but this is not so. These portals really pay, as it is beneficial for them that as many users as possible regularly visit the site, thereby increasing traffic.

But in order to earn bitcoins on bitcoin cranes, it is not at all necessary to visit these portals several times a day - you can make a good profit by participating in an affiliate program. Virtually all such online resources offer registered users to invite friends, and charge interest on profits made by users listed on the affiliate link.

There are a lot of bitcoin cranes in the network, and in order to quickly earn bitcoins without investments, you can register on several such portals at once.

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